A conversation about mental health: The New Day: Feel The Power, Sept. 13, 2021 (Full Episode)

The New Day sit down for a conversation about their personal struggles with mental health, and are joined by Dr. Jada Jackson to talk about what we can do to help ourselves and anyone else struggling.
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  • Sadness

  • I appreciate you all deep diving into this topic. Dr Jada is amazing! Thanks for bringing her to your show.

  • Thanks for this episode! Loved it, and I'm gonna get some therapy because of it

  • thank you big e i am going to go and ask for help because i heard your story thank you

  • The reason why The New Day will always be the greatest team in wrestling history.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thank you guys. I really needed this and I think this is my sign to get professional help. I love all you guys

  • This is why I don't understand why people try to pry into others lives especially celebrities. We're humans. I've had multiple people that had dealt with struggles i dealt with along the way. This video is necessarily wholesome. Loved all their collective stories. When you actually see that persons journey to success from rags to riches spiritually

  • Well done guys

  • I respect the new day🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I liked the STOP method she mentions to help when you're trying to manage your feelings. S - Stop T - Take a deep breathe O - Observe P - Proceed with caution

  • Good podcast guys this really great to talk about. 😊❤

  • Thank you guys so much for this video.

  • Thank you all for this episode and discussion. So happy for The New Day's success.

  • Thank you guys for touching on such an important subject. As a Black woman who has dealt with a lot of issues and trauma in my 41 years of life, I know that I need to talk to someone, but have been afraid to because of the stigma surrounding Black people and mental health. For so long, I have been the rock for everyone else, and have kept my emotions and feelings bottled up for fear of looking weak. I've also kept some things that have happened to me in the dark due fear of shame and pity. I think it's long overdue for me to talk to a trusted professional so I can finally feel whole again. Once again, thank you.

  • I 💕 the new Day podcast.

  • 👏👏👏

  • Good

  • People who are watching this comment, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years, God bless you and your family 😇

  • People viewing these comments wish their parents had been alive for more years, God bless your family 🙏😊❤👍...

  • More wrestlers talking about mental health problems and their struggles is FREAKING IMPORTANT!

  • I would have had no idea about any of the stuff Big E has gone through. Big ups to you brother!

  • Thanks guys


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  • I’ve lost my mom two years ago. Still for today it hurts. Her birthday is coming up and I’m not going to be able to say happy birthday to her. It change me too. I now have three kids and I’m trying to be strong for them. I too grew up seeing domestic violence. It effected me in many ways.



  • i think Kofi has the most underrated moveset in WWE

  • Big e is wwe champion now ❤️❤️❤️

  • I respect the new day 🙂

  • We appreciate y’all opening up we all needed this thank u

  • Bring back the Jamaican Kofi :(

  • I have experienced it a couple of times,i am a fan from The Philippines, and you inspire me Big E, never thought you went through that period but you did and you came through and pushed through with it.

  • So proud of you guys for offering up so many facets of your lives, both in and outside of the ring

  • Mental Health Is Real Respect It You never know what somebody is going thru

  • Thank you for doing this and sharing this.

  • If I ever get to meet Big E, I want to give him a close and tight hug. I have had depression since I was nine and also anxiety. I also have tourette's syndrome, and I've had to deal with feeling different and struggling and a inconvenience to those around me. Everything he's said, is so relatable and his empathy just exudes from him.

  • I thank the members of The New Day for sharing their stories. I strongly recommend this video to anyone who has dealt with mental health issues. I certainly learned a lot here.

  • This type of content helps so many people. Huge of you all to do this. Thanks New Day and WWE.

  • Awesome 1 hour video from the new day podcast

  • There is a cure for mental issues. His name is Jesus Christ.

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙂 🙂🙂🙂

  • I guess mental health services are important when you have to work in WWE😂

  • Thank you

  • I suffer from PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder ,Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic disorder,OCD. This all came on after my parents died in front of me. I feel what Big E is saying that is how I feel. I am on medications.

    • @Cory C Thank you for the kind words I appreciate it. It has been tough . I wanted to give up but some how I keep going. It is struggle for me just to wake up every day. Thank you for your kindness I appreciate it.

    • I dont know you but i am sorry you had to go through that. I hope you have someone to talk to. To help you through this stay strong stranger

  • The new day the tag team that not only have a great chemistry together in the ring but also became the best of friends over the years

  • If this episode speaks to you, I strongly suggest checking out a podcast called Depresh Mode with John Moe. It's a show based around honest conversations with (usually comedians) struggling with various mental health issues, similar to how candid Big E was today, and professionals in the mental health field. It's in my constant rotation and almost always offers something valuable to add to the toolbox or at the very least to recognize others are going through what you may be. It's kind of a sequel to a previous podcast series called The Hilarious World Of Depression if you want to dig through an archive of older content in the same vein.

  • The New day

  • Phenomenal amounts of respect. Thank you guys for doing this.

  • Literally had a panic attack this weekend, the universe is crazy

  • what u can do write about your depression or u can buy yourself a stress ball but i suggest write about your depression because it will make it more easier

  • I think most of the viewers are Students like me, wishing them all the best with their exams ❤️❤️

  • I heard Stone Cold Batista, Becky and many superstars talk about their struggles with mental health on Lilian Garcia podcast

  • New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks New Day Rocks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • new day coming is the best theme ;)

  • This is really fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

  • Big E future WWE Champion or WWE Universal Champion


  • He cashing in tonight

  • Loved Daffney the Scream Queen her legacy lives on through so many. Respect to ya for putting this out

  • It's encroaching to see Black Men talk about mental health. Thank you brothers.

  • hi...i'm a Pianist but big fan of WWE love from a Pakistani🇵🇰 💚🤍🧡💛💜❤️🤎💕

  • Respect for New Day

  • If you read through the comments you will see the major problem in this world. The only people who take mental health seriously and care about it are either people who experience it themselves or they know and understand people who do. I have depression and anxiety and luckily for me, keeping it to myself is not something I can do. But I understand why some people do, with this many people just not caring. Thank you New Day for this, and thank you those who support mental health. To those who don't: you need to stop being selfish.


    • Correct me if I’m wrong but wwe is planed out so he must of know he was going to win right?

  • Great conversation

  • Jada jackson is the best

  • How many kilograms big e can able to deaflift.. Who know😅

  • This really help me so much because I struggle with mental health daily.

  • Well done New Day. Well done for speaking up about such an important subject!!

  • اشهد ان لا اله إلا الله ومحمد رسول الله

  • Someone will promote me

  • I wish New day was still a thing

    • It still is, Big E is on Smackdown and Kofi & Xavier is on RAW. They didn't split, think of it as expanding because that's how they see it. They're always together backstage when they're at a PPV.

    • it... still is

  • Hi

  • Hello

  • My favourite wrestler is undertaker and Roman reigns ,♥️🌹👍

  • extreme rules 2010 John Cena vs Batista Full match post

  • Please.. mental health is no joke.. if anyone from your family member or friend who have it.. give some time to talk with them, make sure them feel ok

  • i was literally having a panic attack and getting stuck in my head when i stumbled upon this. this is helping me calm down and think rationally instead of on pure emotion. thank you guys so much for this, y’all mean the world to me.

    • @NANi J If you don't care, why come at me in the first place??? Stop lying. Yes, you wouldn't tell me I'm pushing medication on someone because that doesn't offend you. But the name of Jesus does and thats why you came at me. Lol Don't be a hypocrite. Say the name of Jesus. Oh you're pushing your religion on people. Say the name of a pill. Oh you're not pushing medication on anyone....lol Its the same thing 🤦 But the difference is, if I told her of a pill. Yes, you would still tell her to get help and let a "professional" tell her the answer but you wouldn't have said anything to me. And thats a fact but because I said the cure is Jesus instead of a pill. Oooh that rub you the wrong way. So you had to open your mouth. Because you were offended. You did care, if you didn't care, we wouldn't be talking to each other right now. No. I'm STILL NOT contradicting myself. Jesus is God. You see, the holy Bible isn't just a regular book. Its a living book. Its like a treasure in the ground. Once you start digging aka study, you find the treasure and more, the more you dig, more of the mystery of God is revealed to you. Thats why you don't know that Jesus is God. God is a spirit and he came into his own creation through a virgin. You only know the basic of Christianity. So no I'm not contradicting myself. I'm revealing the truth to you. Nor is the Bible contradicting itself either. It seems that way to a carnal mind because the devil puts it in your mind to believe that lie. "The reason I'm pushing my religion is because to order to give your life to Jesus, you have to read and study the holy Bible "???? Well that is one way, yes but not the only way. Do you not know the word of mouth had brought many to Jesus?? The early Christians had to do it this way because the new testament wasn't written yet. And many comes to him this way now. There are many who has heard of the gospel by someone else and didn't open a Bible up until after they accepted him as lord and savior. Also not counting the thousands of testimonials of ex Muslims or ex Hindus that lives in the middle east or Asia where the gospel is banned. Punishable by death if you speak it. They met Jesus in visions and dreams who has never heard of Jesus of the gospel. Yes, that mythical being as you call him has came to people and by the way. Its been proven there was a man name yeshua from Nazareth aka Jesus of Nazareth here 2000 years ago. Believing he is the son of God, well that is where faith comes in. So actually do some research on this matter before you open your mouth. Because for those who do, you look very very silly and ignorant. Jesus can't cure mental health or sickness huh? Explain this to me. Before I came to christ, I dealt with heavy depression and anxiety. Not one time have I had to deal with those since I gave my life to the lord and obeyed him. I seen the lord heal many people, who were blind, deaf, crippled, had cancer, had diseases. I have healed people in the name of Jesus and I got witnesses to back me up. Explain why I haven't dealt with those things since i gave my life to the lord ? I mean. How can a mythical being able to do that if he isn't real????? The reason why some Christians still deal with sickness and diseases is because they are lukewarm and worldly and do not obey the lord. They are Christians by name only. For the lord has stated if you obey me, I will heal your diseases. Thats why. Us hyper religious people as you call us. You say we don't know the difference between what it says and actually means??? 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 Those are strong words from someone who doesn't even know the holy Bible good enough. How can you even say that when yourself have no knowledge besides what others has said or what you read by an atheist on a website lol because what you said what Jesus would do and what the Bible says what Jesus would do is two different things. That tells me you don't know jack whats actually in the Bible. If anything, you just know the basics of Christianity. Thats it. You say, you don't need Jesus because he isn't part of your religion and Christianity isn't the end all religion. Well I beg to difference. If there is a God, which there is. There is only one God, not multiple gods.only one can be right and the rest of them are wrong. So which God is the correct God? The holy Bible is the ONLY so called religion book that God tells us what's to come before it happens. They are called prophecies. Do you not know there are close to 2,000 prophecies in the holy Bible and so far about 95% has been fulfilled to the T. And many of these prophecies are way too complex for them to be easily fulfilled. But yet they were, to the T. Actually we are in the beginning of one now with this coronavirus. Read revelation 13:17 Buy or sell (work) Do you not know that you can get 666 out of the word Corona? Also read revelation 6. And know the same Greek word for crown is the same word for Corona. And also read what takes place when the second seal is open. Peace is taken away from this earth. Has not peace been slowly going awayon earth? Worldwide riots Worldwide murdering Worldwide Asian attacks Taliban taking over Afghanistan with violence And much more. Also the holy Bible speaks about things that modern day science and technology agrees with. Ther is no way Jewish men could have known close to 3000 years ago that air has weight and that there are springs on the bottom of the ocean. Unless the creator revealed these things to them. And thats not going into all of the artifacts of people and foundation of towns spoken in the holy Bible that they have found since digging has been approved in Israel. No other so called religions gives that kind of accuracy of things to come. Nor does they speak of things that science and modern day technology actually agrees with. So thats why Christianity is the truth and everything else is a lie from the devil.. And everything else will bring death to you. So, no, you don't have to have Jesus but without him. You will perishin in your sins and be cast into the lake of fire. Once you die. You will see this to be true but God willing. You come to him before you take your last breath.

    • @Toni Gather lol no actually i wouldn’t say your pushing medication I would still tell her to get hell and let a PROFESSIONAL tell the answer . Jesus is NOT a real he is a mythical being. You are STILL contradicting yourself ! Like i said Jesus and God are NOT the same person he is just a representation of him to spread his word. You are pushing your religion on her because in order to give your life to “Jesus” you have to therefore read and study the Bible bringing you into Christianity. Jesus can’t cure mental illness or any other sickness if that was the case there would be a lot of healthy Christians not experiencing any type of sickness of death or hardship. I’m not gonna go back and read the Bible which is also full of contradictions itself. See the problem with you hyper religious ppl is that your interpretations of what the Bible says and means are completely different from what it actually means. I don’t have to accept Jesus Christ cause he’s not apart if MY religion so therefore he doesn’t matter to ME. Christianity is not the absolutely end all be all correct and real religion so what you’re saying me makes you sound like a crazy jahovahs witness spewing your extreme Christian none sense when I don’t care 🙂

    • @NANi J P.s maybe you should look up the definition of the word lord. I will do it for you. Lord someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler Jesus said, a servant isn't greater then his master. If they persecute me, they will persecute you...........

    • @Tenkks Tenkks Yes, I fixed it. Got to love auto correction right?? Thats for pointing that out. Its Jesus Christ and he is your only hope.

    • @NANi J First of all. Jesus is God in the flesh. He is God. He is the son. He is the father, You would know this if you would actually study the holy Bible. You just know the basic of Christianity. Jesus said the father and I are one. Jesus said if you have seen me, you have seen the father. Jesus said, i truly tell you before Abraham, I am Who called himself i am in the old testament? God did. Anytime someone fell infront of an angel and worship the angel, the angel would rebuke that man and tell him to get up and worship God only. Timothy fell on his knees infront of Jesus and said to him, my lord, my God. Jesus never rebuked him for doing it. His disciples called him, lord. The prophet Isaiah called the messiah, the mighty God, everlasting father. Who is the messiah? Jesus is. In John 1. It states, in the beginning, was the word. And God was with the word and God WAS the word. Who is the word? Jesus is. So no, I'm not contracting myself. It only seems contracting to a carnal mind. Who doesn't know the holy Bible. Here is the thing. I couldn't care less nor have no respect for any so called religions. You say I'm being disrespectful because she may believe in something else. So what. All that means is she will perish. Will be casted into the lake of fire. And I care enough to tell her the truth, as with you, you rather her die believing in a false god or a false belief. But the thing is, all I really did was tell her there is a cure for what she is going through. If I was telling her there is a pill out there that will cure what she has. You and I wouldn't be having this conversation. Most likely, you would tell her to get it as well. And you would definitely not be saying, I'm pushing my medication on her lol hypocrite But because I bring up the name Jesus. You get offended. Even tho I wasn't speaking to you in the first place. No no no. Instead of just saying what you said to her, and leave it as that. you had to open your mouth against me. You say I'm pushing my "religion " on people??? Ok. Now I going to push it on you. If you do not accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. You will perish. You will be casted into the lake of fire. Repent. Jesus is your only hope. Now, you can say with truth, I'm pushing Jesus onto people and I couldn't care less if you or anyone gets offended because its the truth. Jesus said, I'm the way, the truth and the life. NOBODY gets into heaven but through me. Have a wonderful day bro

  • Thanks

  • She will be missed and the New day and all of us will miss her

  • WWE fake or real

  • Tell me guiss

  • WWE real or fake. Pllease tell me

  • Kofi 🙏

  • The topic of mental health can so easily be something that people hide away from talking about or sharing. This is a MASSIVE thing for the guys to be doing and open up like they are. As idols and huge positive figures to many you have used your reach to do something very special today. Thank you so much


  • @WWE I have depressed and anxiety and it hurts tho. Sure, sometimes I ask for help but I just need motivation and help every now and then. That’s my experience with mental help

  • Unfortunately, men - especially black men - have been conditioned to avoid "softer" emotions at all costs. Of course we should all aim to be as mentally strong as possible but no one is invincible.

    • He was speaking culturally. For course almost everyman goes through that but don't disregard Jason's statement. Im of mixed race, black and white. I had my own struggles but there was many differences between my black cousins and white cousins and how they were conditioned when it comes to expressing their emotions. It wasn't how my aunts and uncles raised them. It was the cultural stigmas that propagated their responses to hard situations. You're not wrong but neither is Jason. Im sure we can all agree that seeing men in general talk about mental health is important and needed in this world.

    • @LordOfTheBlackRose From my experience (in Britain) I've certainly seen a race discrepancy. Nonetheless I do agree that it's an issue for all men.

    • Thats just men in general theres no emphasis on any race it has nothing to do with race its just how every guy is raised

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  • Hallo from Indonesia

  • Roman Reigns vs Begej

  • wwf > wwe > aew

  • I can’t put into words just how much I needed this today. I have so much love ❤️ and respect 🙏 for these guys. Thank you…

    • Why’d you need it

  • You guys are great. Much love

  • I have severe depression for like 2 years and want to die

  • Rip Shannon

  • Hello