A new NXT Champion will be crowned on NXT 2.0 tonight

פורסם בתאריך 14 ספט 2021
As a new era of NXT arrives, a new champion will be crowned when Kyle O’Reilly, Tommaso Ciampa, LA Knight and Pete Dunne battle it out in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Title. Don’t miss NXT 2.0 tonight at 8/7 C on USA! Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Hahaaa they try copy AEW!!!

  • (by RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP) - with Thai and English subtitles (love all nations) (love all religions) ( US military bases in war) (best diplomatic country) (Allies of Japan, war ended, the United States of America, Thailand won together.) (World War l went to help the French know that the French had to win.)

  • yuCk

  • Eww

  • Why on earth would you rebrand NXT?

  • Nxt kids 2.0 bruuh 😐

  • This logo is cursed.

  • This is looks like Holi festival bin India

  • I never thought that colors will make differences but after seeing the show man it's way too different

  • Not sure about the rainbow appearance, but at least things will get a little bit interesting soon.

  • NXT 2.0 looks 3rd WWE main brand

  • subtitution : Kyle O'ReillyVon Wagner .

  • Wouldn't it be 3.0? Yknow the game show, the previous nxt and this one

  • Why does your logo look like it was created by a small child

  • Nickelodeon Jr presents WWEs NXT 2.0. Now in technicolor.

  • If this is 2.0 then AEW must be on Win10 going on 11. Guys got a little while to catch up.

  • The Song from nxt 2 0 please ?

  • AEW Fanboys love this, because he say AEW is BEST IS IN THE WORLD😂😂😂

  • nickelodeon nxt

  • I'm guessing is the neon brand now

  • How many colors do you want WWE: yes

  • Wasted new next logo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The new colors just make me want to vomit

  • Happy Holi

  • This is good

  • More reason not to watch WWE 🙄🤣

    • @Bully Maguire Lmao

    • Lol, the show was better than any AEW GAYNAMITE show

  • well that was disappointing

  • Rip NXT😭

  • Spoiler Alert Goldie is home!

  • And where is this samoa joe?

  • I honestly dont hate the new arena setup/ colors 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol pretty decent show

  • Farewell gold and black for 10 long years now. It's a new retro color right.

  • I've always believed that Ciampa Would've become Champion once more. *Back in the day he didn't lost his title* He had to replenish it like *Samoa Joe*

  • They need to put n x t back on Wednesdays

  • R.I.P. NXT

  • WTF?! Von Wagner? He looks like the offspring of Edge and the Great Khali!!

  • Ciampa did it

  • A little further in, I'm fine with new talent but this much new makes me think they are cutting the budget and probably letting some bigger names go.

  • So far I got mixed feelings, don't like the neon puke theme. Bron Breaket was impressive, need to change the name and the tights color. Singlet is cool though, reminds me a lot of Rick Steiner


  • Vince, we don't like your vision. Just bring back the black and gold. Bring back that gritty presentation. Nothing was wrong with it.

  • This new "nxt 2.0" looks boring. The fans aren't even into compared to last week. Are the fans even real or awake? The Carmello skit was completely boring and pointless. What was the purpose? All that talk and nothing useful.

  • TRASH!!!!!

  • Oh nice Nickelodeon- I meant NXT

  • Now that there is no black and gold what look Will the nxt Championship have Will be a Rainbow nxt Championship or what the hell is going on

  • A big thumbs down for the new nxt 2.0, it looks flashy and atrocious

  • Paul’s turning in his hospital bed Seriously get well soon Levesque, you might be the last hope

    • he knew the risk of abusing roids but did it anyway


  • Never .and NXT a looser place WWE

  • Make NXT Championship A third Main roster wold Heavyweight Championship for Royal Rumble and Money In the Bank like WWE Championship and Universal Championship also put NXT back in Surviver Series and never move it

  • Welcome to Tuesday Night Raw…I mean Nickelodeon…I mean NXT.

  • Bruhh

  • RIP NXT 2012-2021. It was a good run but the old man eventually had to ruin it, because he doesn’t like good wrestling shows in wwe

    • Nxt wasn't working as a 3rd brand. It was always supposed to be developmental. The old nxt didn't work outside of the wrestling fandom. It barely drew ratings. Now that's it's back to being developmental(I hope) It shouldn't be focused on ratings but created stars. Like the OVW 4

  • This looks like that Saturday morning smash show wwe tried to do years ago lol

  • Vince been watching too much of AEW 😂😂

  • We are watching right now.

  • Rip Gold & Black.....

  • I hope it's la knight we need some one new in NXT spotlight dunne and o'reilly had a lot of chances at NXT championship and failed, wouldn't mind either knight or ciampa

  • 2.0 should have just called it NXT 2000

  • We smarks love nxt and aew flips and kicks

  • Cambiando el libreto a última hora es enserio ?? Se nota de entrada que es un asco de show 😡

  • Nickelodeon

  • Cant say I'm crazy about the new logo, but I'm adopting a wait and see attitude toward this new NXT (NXT 2.0 sounds silly)

    • The only thing you'll be adopting is a kid with another man, cause these colors are going to represent you. 🤣

  • I doubt this will be better than the old nxt

  • Reminds me of Early AEW Dynamite with the multiple colors. I hope it will be good tonight

  • No Survivor Series for NXT this year I guess

  • That color aesthetic is pretty awful. Black and gold was way cooler

  • The arena looks sick

  • NXT KIDS 😂😂😂😂

  • Wtf ...what the hell?!... New NXT Champion?!.... isn't supposed to be number 1 contender???...how on earth just happened...

  • Who will walk out as the new nxt championship in the fatal 4 way match between tomasso Pete Kyle & La knight tonight

  • NXT 2010-2021 😔

  • This could be WWE’s chance to come back

    • 'Come back' dafuq are you talking about this company killed nxt look at it it's not the same anymore

  • asco la gente que da me gusta a esto

  • Come on for that literal 1% reading this hit the like button for COOL KYLE

  • Can't Even Think About The Match "The New Changes" Are Spoiling Everything

  • KID CHOICE AWARDS Nominated for best child and youth program NXT 2.0

  • I'm actually digging the Look and Feel. Hell even the Voice Over was nice. Kinda excited ngl. Would be nice to have a big debut tonight on the first episode.

  • Nxt live tonight 8/7c only on nickelodeon

  • i cant decide if i like this colour scheme or the old one 🤨🤨


  • 🔥🔥

  • This looks like its trying to appeal to the rap and kids community when it’s always been the opposite, adults and rock/metal

  • Exploding colors?! Really?! AEW Dynamite vibe, bro?! The Black and Gold brand is over. WWE is dead. AEW is the new face of professional wrestling - and you know it!

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Aew still never defeated wwe in ratings. Demos don't matter.

  • FCW vibes. I kinda like it

  • Nxt is going to be different bring in the new era 2021

  • LA knight Going become NXT world champion tonight

  • As long it's not Kyle I'm good

  • Why does this look and sound like a new show coming to HGTV? Yeah, I’m gonna pass.

  • This is such a mess 💀

  • I’m going with the bruiserweight to win the golden crown of nxt.🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Only on Disney channe… I mean USA network😭💫

  • This music, branding and voiceover sounds so suburban and safe…

  • This is all great and all. The question is will 2K22 keep up with updating all these things. The trailer already has outdated raw and smackdown areans

  • LA Knight will surely send those Cruiserweights back to 205 live....what do you mean they're not Cruiserweight performers?

  • I will give it a chance

  • The black and gold logo will be sadly missed. I'm liking the new look of NXT 2.0.

  • Goldie comes home to Ciampa

  • Rip nxt 2010-2021


  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂