Alexa Bliss, Damian Priest, AJ Styles & Omos sound off: Raw Talk, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
Alexa Bliss looks ahead to meeting Charlotte Flair at WWE Extreme Rules, Damian Priest reflects on battling Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles & Omos get back to their winning ways on Raw Talk. Raw Talk is available to stream anytime on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else.

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  • Aj should go back in the wwe championship picture since big e is the top babyface on raw and he’s the wwe champion.

  • Omos. What a beast!

  • Alexa Bliss Voodoo Priestess I am worried

  • Big up Damian priest

  • Big up the Queen Charlotte Flair

  • Alexa: "Yup" Me: "lolz" ☺

  • Alexa is definitely gonna defeat Charlotte

  • Hold on guys. How did Alexa Bliss end up so dark? Wasn't she like a bad cheerleader type. What on earth happened to her...May...Cray...a name is popping up but I can't remember.

  • bliss's answer YUP!

  • Miniwrestling Token supported by Kurt Angle and The Great Khali.... Upcoming support by JOHN CENA.... 1000X 💎💎

  • YUP

  • What if aj styles meets alexa bliss doll lol

  • Khali

  • I love AJ Styles and Omos hope they get there titles back

  • 2:32 what about the reporter needs a friend Bliss ....

  • 9:37 u saw it AJ, with Abyss TNA ......

  • Go Alex! Champions like Charlotte must be punished for all their actions, and you are best suited for this executioner role. And the Phenomenal needs to eat a lot of meat and protein to become as Colossal as Omos!) And then you cannot be stopped !!!

  • 1 Aj & onos getting ready for the 8 man tag team match from last night 2 Damian priest as the United States champion imagine seeing Jeff hardy as the champion 3 Alexa bliss for the first time in forever talking about when she was gifting Charlotte her own doll and getting the opportunity for the raw women’s championship at extreme rules

  • Good Promo From Damian Priest

  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


  • Alexa Bliss is winning the title for the first time in 3 years, in her hometown, and beating the last 4HW she hasn't beaten at Extreme Rules.

  • Alexa Bliss: "Yup."

  • Raw.

  • Imagine Lilly vs charly 😂😂


  • Now that Big E is WWE I think AJ Styles would be a perfect Opponent especially since the New Day are back together and can’t wait for Alexa Bliss as RAW Women’s Champion again. I personally do think The United States Title scene should be built around 3 men being of course United States Champion Damien Priest but also with guys like Karrion Kross and Keith Lee especially since they want Keith to turn heel.

  • "Yup". Walks away. Beautiful...

  • Omos vs A.J Styles at Wrestlemania

  • I think Alexa Bliss is playing her part so good.

  • Alexa so blunt. Love it

  • Alexa Bliss: "Yup!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • New RAW Talk format: 👎👎

  • Sad to see what WWE has done with AJ Styles🥺😓

    • He wanted to be Smackdown not on Raw plus he doesn’t like be on the show as Paul Heyman

  • omos needs to go on roids

  • Let omas shine as a singles and go for the title that would be a good match priest or big e

  • Alexas is going to win the belt

  • I love Alexa Bliss's character lol

  • This gonna be a interesting match at Extreme Rules.

  • It's good that everyone is on Raw talk

  • First

  • AJ Styles and Omos yaw are suckers

  • AJ Styles and Omos RK-BRO will defeat both of you and retain the Raw tag team titles

  • This is good

  • I get alexa is hot and cute but this character sucks is so stupid wtf is that yup?? She's like a tryhard in a halloween costume who thinks it's cooler than it is

  • Big e is finally the wwe champ hope they don’t ruin him

  • Can he go against Braun stroman or Brock lesnar

  • Omos==Athletic?? 😂😂😂

  • Alexa is the female Al Snow

  • People who are watching this comment, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years, God bless you and your family 😇

  • dromakntar and aj bad treatment from wwe

  • Aj is the 🦁 and Omos is the 🐻 there are strong

  • That's a great answer yup by Alexa bliss

  • I love at the end when Alex is like yep and walks off with that face 😂🤣

  • Aj should be united state champion

  • will never understand why they keeping aj out the main event

  • うぽつ!


  • i have seen someone big and scary like Omos, it's Braun Strowman

  • Let’s look at at history there’s a lot of we superstar who won the us title and not even American

  • people who are watching this còmments l wish thererents still Alive for more than years God bless family 🙏🙏😊👍🌹....


  • Make aj, omos, t-bar and maze big faction

  • Damian Priest 🔥

  • Who are Omos fane like

  • Apple iPhone Giveaway Soon✨ ( try your luck )

  • How long AJ will be babysitting him?

  • 🤩👍😁

  • I'm calling it right now Karrion Kross is gonna Krush and Krucified AJ, Omos, Mansoor, Mustafa, Edge, Seth, Randy, Matt, Apollo, Sami, Kevin, Sheamus, Drew, Roman, Finn, The Uso, The New Day all 3 of them of course, The Street Profits, R-Truth i hope, The Viking Raiders, and Brock!


  • هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههاااايٌہٍ،💙😒😂✌🌸🍃!َ''))

  • They kill the whole fiend character lol! If wwe really wants to steal the gimmick from wyatt release him and give this gimmick to Alexa then they should've make it look as good as wyatt version of gimmick. Tf they were thinking when they decide ok Alexa will talk to interviewer. It takes away all the mystic of the character. Now wwe ...just give alexa her old gimmick back.

    • Lol I was thinking it was weird seeing her interviewed for the first time under this gimmick.

  • I guess since Alexa Bliss has changed they jus gonna forget the fact that she's a multi time women's champion 🙄

    • But she hasn't got the NXT Women's Championship jerkass!

  • Monday night raw was incredible huge fan of Damian hardy alexa and big e loved raw .


  • Aj will be next year’s royal rumble winner

    • Matt riddle is getting a big push he’s gonna win it. Why do you think he won that battle royale few months back?? It’s called foreshadowing. You guys need to brush up on your wrestling-storytelling 101. Read in between the lines and connect the dots.

    • Nah! Karrion Kross will win next year's Rumble because of 1 thing..........................................THE EXTINCTION OF RAW, NXT, NXT: UK, AND SMACKDOWN!

    • Hope

  • Is ki fight undertaker aur Kane se karvao tab pata lagega omos ko

  • Aj Styles and Omos are awesome together and they are a futures 2 time Raw Tag Team Champions 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • How the hell does a big guy like Samoa Joe keep getting injured????? Fml at this point I’d understand if they let him go AGAIN! I love Joe as much as the next guy but He’s been injured for like 5 yrs lol

  • Alexa answer : YUP!!! OHHHW !!! THAT'S SO CUTE

  • Aj styles is so handsome ❤❤❤❤

  • AJ Styles in 2021 is the worst superstar to count!

    • Because of vince there are more talented superstars in wwe but not using them

    • @Zayn Irfan made no sense whatsoever dude

    • @UCemhn3Ytq2SH98FT_2vzd9g because of that stupid b***h Vincent McMahon's booking.

    • @Kalai arasan can't wrestle? then why is he universal champion for a year

    • Roman reigns can't wrestle and aj is the best wrestler in the world


  • Shoulda did the title backwards 🙄😒

  • Omos is the Next Big Thing.

  • US championship belt is the most beautiful belt in Wwe

  • Yup! Bliss was perfect!

  • The Rock's theme in background💖💖

  • Biggest challenge for Priest was Karrion Kross and Kross had 96% chance to win US Title

  • We want Aj style as a world champion 🏆

    • Yeah are you serious his is not even close to be one of the best wrestler in wwe

    • No we don't want that little shrimp to get anywhere near a title

    • @Grace Chase ok

    • @Chelsea Hodge I'm pretty sure the only person in wrestling that's at aj styles level or height is Hornswoggle

    • @GTxMatty06 ya man I see it. It's kinda good , but he can't b lik this for long , he's just building omos

  • Man I'm waiting for AJ to get interesting again

    • It’s just I think some people backstage are not happy with his actions or how he handled situations with his podcast and Paul Heyman. Not his fault though but we all know how Vince is about people going vocal about inside stuff. I do wish they get can get past it since it’s only 2 years left before he retires in 2024

    • Lol guy above me is super salty he know aj is stale right now

    • He is so be quiet and stop hating

  • “I’m gonna hit the lights…on his aspirations of becoming United States Champion.” ~Damian Priest, 2021

    • @Ashraf Alsahooly who's your dealer? I want some of that stuff

    • @Ashraf Alsahooly No one cares

    • @Ashraf Alsahooly no offense what does that information have to do with that amazing Damian Quote

    • AEW Going through my dreams of FOX DRAFT Going Going through the playoffs and the New England Offensive coordinator and the New England Patriots game is Going thr FOX DRAFT TONIGHT okay and th HAPPY City manager meeting with a FOX news conference of the FOX TONIGHT A New York city manage Raw ERIC Bischoff LlVE New York

  • “He said please” 😂

  • Kevin Patrick no longer interviewing Karrion Kross .

  • Great interviews backstage on this talk show?I agree with Alexa Bliss?Charlotte better watch her own doll?Might come out that trash can?Get her?🗑🤤😲❤🖤🎙🎧🎧🎧

  • who else heard the rocks theme song in the background during the alexa bliss interview??

  • Do YOU love me

  • Bruh within a month WWE got 1.6 mil subs? Hooolllyyyy

  • Omos vs Brock

  • I love Alexa's answer: YUP!