Damian Priest vs. Jeff Hardy - United States Championship Match: Raw, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
Sheamus joins the commentary desk to get a closer look as Damian Priest defends his United States Championship against Jeff Hardy. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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  • Yes again 🔥

  • Jeff should turn heel and whoop everyone

  • This match was awesome

  • 4:43 🔥

  • Big up to the Legend Jeff Hardy

  • Big up Damian priest United States champion Thank you

  • Seriously guys Jeff has lost tons of matches this year!!

  • Damien Priest damn!

  • I miss jeff Hardy

  • Man, the crowd really loves jeff, if he goes to challenge roman reigns, the reaction will be amazing

  • Damian breeeeeeee🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • One more hardy world title reign, that’s all we ask for

  • Jeff hardy vs Big E 🤣 that would be a great match🤣 💯💯💯💯

  • Wwe is apologizing to Jeff hardy fans seeing Jeff chase the 24/7 belt🤣 Apology accepted🤣💯💯

  • Jeff hardy is getting old

  • Get well Jeff.

  • Jeff Hardy, after being brogue kicked during the end : " Felt like I'm back at that Bar Fight again for a second."

  • Wwe ruining jeffs career..😔

  • I hope jeff was still young in these days

  • I really miss the days of hardy in world title championship

  • Classic Jeff Hardy

  • Were we all watching the same match? All of damiens moves were executed strange

  • This was a good segment not going to lie

  • As much as I wanted Jeff to win I can see the what was once there but it’s not anymore from him he wrestles like it hurts you know Damien better wrestles amazing all the time he’s the future

  • 😑cmon y do u think many watch wwe still 🤷‍♂️ cause of jeff and u do this to him

  • Triple Threat?

  • smack down boring without Aj who needs a rematch against brock,,Damien can challenge reigns too he might meet the bulldog trespassing

  • At this point hardy needs to asked to be released cuz any potential run or even meaningful wins are out of the question it’s a shame how hardy, Morrison & vega was bought back to job

  • Is there anyone who loses more than Jeff hardy? It's so damn annoying I just wanna see my boy win 😭😭

  • When's jeff gonna ditch that Eye thing that he does?.....i want the classic face paint back and the hair dye

  • Sheamus sound like a leprechaun 😂😂 "he stole me gold" 😂😂😂

  • Give Jeff one more world title before he retires. He deserves it and fans would love it

  • Let's hope hardy goes to a e w would love to see punk vs hardy again

  • So because of the bro kick to jeff.... Wwe will make a storyline between these 3. I like this.

  • Did y’all hear that pop during Jeff’s entrance?!?!! Amazing!!!!

  • Damn Jeff is in slow motion

  • Sheamus was ready to get up 😂😂

  • Push Jeff Hardy

  • Those first 45 seconds of them countering each other’s moves was really good.

  • Great match Damian priest win retain still your United States champion victory Jeff Hardy lose the match

  • If Jeff hardy gets a good place in the draft. WWE should Consider himself as a heel.

  • because one thing i still watching WWE its because of jeff hardy❤️

  • Jeff Is Next - AEW

  • i love jeff anyway

  • Man I hope wwe doesn’t screw up Damian. He’s got soooo much potential

  • Just one night later, Damian Priest appears with Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Odyssey Jones, and Cameron Grimes backstage for the InDex wedding. Simply taking it TO THE MOON!

  • Im telling you. I kept hearing Joe Rogan on commentary last night unless I was hearing things 😂😂😂

  • Great match guys

  • “ he stole me gold “ I love sheamus

  • Damian and Jeff should be tag partners The Monday Night Raw Rockstars😝😝🌇

  • 👍👍💪

  • When Sheamus said he stole me gold all I could think was they're always after me lucky charms

  • Listen to the crowd chanting "Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!". That's how much the WWE universe still love him. Imagine if he will win the MITB next year and cash in it, ratings will go up.

  • wwe is fake

  • okay look just draft jeff hardy and john morrison to smackdown already their career's were better on the blue brand anyway on raw they just keep losing and have a losing streak.


  • That was a nice segment between them at the beginning

  • Why are wwe treating Jeff Hardy like this

  • Jeff should be wwe champion to be honest not lame big e

  • Jeff Hardy for AEW

  • Get out of there Jeff.

  • Sheamus is talking in the beginning and I got none of it. Didn't need Corey at this point.

  • Is it just me or did Jeff look a bit sloppy?

  • Did you see that fake kick to Damian s face when he went through the ropes. WHAT A JOKE.

  • The crowd hyping up Jeff was awesome to see after what happened last week.

  • Draft him to Smackdown his real house is that brand and he had so much luck there

  • jeff hardy is visibly in a bad condition. he hasn’t done whisper in the wind in weeks so there can’t be a bigger role for him right now. let’s hope it’s just temporary cuz of covid and the knee that still bother him. usually nba stars need two seasons after a knee surgery to get them back under again 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  • I really like Shemus' accent

  • Jeff Hardy had a Quit WWF / WWE match He Lost to Batista and its so FAKE he is Still on WWE !!! Randy Orton Took out Ray Mystero Eye but he got a New Eye from Shop WWE. SHOP get a life WWE at least you now call it ENTERTAINMENT so does the Cartoon Network

  • Give me a proper jeff hardy world title match and ill commit to watching the product please

  • *these two were in my city last night - AND I WASN’T THERE! damn, gotta go next time!* 👏🏽

  • I thought there were gonna be thousand dislikes because of jeff hardy's loss

  • The match was great but Sheamus on commentary was a jewel “He stole me gold at Sommerslam” his accent makes it 5x funnier

  • 4:19 who else noticed the piece of hair on the top rope ahahahahah?

  • At Least Jeff Hardy Is Actually Chasing A Title That Counts This Time

  • شكرا لكم على العروض الرياضية الفرجوية الناجحة

  • WWE should let Jeff go to AEW.. They obviously have no intentions of letting Jeff shine to the best of his abilities. Yes they have him a United States championship match.. but why? For what? They've done nothing but have him lose match after match after match. Last match and only match Jeff has won recently was the one off on Kross.


  • Damn; Jeff's lucky he didn't wrench his right knee on that finish.

  • Jeff Hardy is the king of the all superstars

  • I thought Jeff Hardy reversed the reckoning into a roll up

  • Good Match !! Glad Priest won !! Much Respect to Jeff 💘 him from the same state North Carolina !!!!

  • Reckoning was not perfectly executed maybe there's a confusion or something but still an awesome match!!!

  • Why does this not have more dislikes? Jeff Hardy needs that title and a real chance. Biggest disappointment of the night.

  • Damage control for last week's 24/7 segment.

  • I just want Sheamus to stop wearing that mask. They always keep em on way too long and it becomes their character

  • Damn Jeff is good

  • Bien jugado damian

  • Better to be piss off then piss on

  • Sheamus should have a shirt title *WHERE ME GOLD*

  • Wonderful

  • Me : awaiting Jeff to aew

  • Sheamus is so fun man. On the commentator booth he's literally just irish guy vibing. Well that and his heel talk bc his rivavly and all that but other than that

  • Jeff Hardy deserves one more title before WWE releases him again.

  • i love the fun series of dodges and blocks

  • Imagine karrion kross accepts damian priests us title open challenge 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Yes at least jeff is getting a shot at titles again

  • Jeff champion

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • So I’m guessing WWE read all of our comments of disgust regarding Jeff Hardy chasing the 24/7 champion last week . 👏🏽