Doudrop vs. Eva Marie: Raw, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
Doudrop looks to take out her frustrations as she finally gets a one-on-one match against Eva Marie. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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  • Eva Marie is not the face of anything she is a has been

  • Just make Eva Marie a Manger instead or send her back to training! She can't wrestle!

  • I think Eva should just go back to NXT like Mandy did, Eva was better when she was in NXT shouldn’t let the company make her a dumb wrestler

  • Eva is main event material

  • I don't think she's bad wrestler.

  • Eva sucks. They fired good wrestlers but kept her?

  • I’m pretty sure that Eva’s entire character right now isn’t to show she’s a great wrestler. We haven’t even seen her try to perform good moves yet, so i’m not really judging on if she’s improved or not, but at least she’s selling moves a lot better

  • Yes this match I want to see

  • I’m still waiting for wwe to give her back her actual ring name: Piper Niven. Doudrop it’s so stupid

  • 2:31

  • Can we take Eva Marie out and Bring Sonya DeVille or Kairi Sane back? Better BRING BACK BOTH!!!!!

  • Boo boo doudrop is worst and eva marie is ever best

  • Eve Torres Better than to Eva Marie 😂🤘🏻

  • I just can’t 😂 Give me some real women’s wrestling please 👏🏼

  • Bro they really fired TALENT for that pink hot mess 2:29 you can see Eva lay down so that woman can do the move like bro it pisses me OFF

  • Her moves look a like it in nia jax

  • Kelly kelly is much better than her

  • y they brought her back I don't know she's a total waste of time she took away the real female wrestlers spot,she's so so dame boring,no wrestling moves she got,no wrestling skills she got,I mean oh lawd.

  • ai eva Marie volviste a wwe para dar vergüenza

  • I just missed the old Eva Marie

  • I am sorry why is not a manager and then on the other hand if she wanted to wrestle more why not do independent while out earn some experience. Shes not improved at all.

  • They both suck and we lost bray ruby braun ect

  • Considering she spent a decade learning there, I've seen much MUCH better wrestling from people in the Performance Centre

  • I've literally seen enhancement talent better than Eva Marie

  • This is the most fighting I've seen from Eva Marie ever since she returned THREE MONTHS AGO. That's just sad.

  • Poor Eva still can't wrestle.

  • Eva probably giving Vince BJs to have a job. Other than that her presense is a slap to the face of the real women superstars. A diva trying to be a superstar.

  • Dont know why she is still in wwe 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Funfact 20- 25 years WWE ( WWF ) had five or six milion viewers before some people came up with the idea to turn the entire thing into a clown show and now they can be happy if they got 1.8 - 2.0 Milion viewers .

  • Ihate dou drop

  • Eva :- a single piece of cloth can't define yr Tallent so go dress up like a wrestler not like...... what u wore

  • to be honest i don't know why am still watching this after they fired the best people -_-

  • just sad and boring

  • Braun Strowman Was Fired For This Non Wrestling Troll? 🤔

  • Doudrop vs Nia Jax 🙏

  • No cuz WWE has gone down, great wrestler's were fired or they just didn't want to work with WWE anymore that's why they moved to AEW🙂🤺

  • Eva almost gave Douprop a concussion 💀

  • So let’s rerun this match for another month

  • Why fire people? Why not allow them do it on stage?

  • Just turn Eva into a manager already

  • WWE could you please not waste Doudroup for something like Eva Marie who doesn't even can wrestle properly. Your just wasting her talent 😩😩

  • why yall hate eva marie? she is not that bad and im so glad that she is back to wwe

  • Can you remove this stupid Barbie and bring back Barbie Blank instead? we want Kelly Kelly Mickie James Melina and The Boss wtf

  • I don't understand this storyline. Its going nowhere.

  • Big up Piper

  • Ah, such talent, young eva

  • I love Eva Marie and Doudrop.

  • Honestly i never seen eva winning a match. I hope it happens before i die.. lol

  • epic match doudrop squash her like a pumpkin XD

  • Lana is wa more betterrrrrrrrr than eva

  • Free Willy versus flipper

  • Here's an idea. Let eva marie chase the 24/7 championship

  • How does WWE not even notice that the fans don't want this chick here. Vince needs to get ignore his hard on for this chick that can't wrestle and stop letting go of talented people.

  • Scripted.

  • Yep she still cant wrestle yall She cant even properly sell

  • Oh come on people, i actually like eva marie. If you know what i mean

  • Why did they even have Eva Marie back she has no moves she sucks what's wrong with Vince she's not best for business she just sucks

  • We need a Nia Jax vs Doudrop ASAP like rocky

  • WWE released Lana and Ruby Riott for Eva Marie? Lana actually made an effort to improve her in ring performances, wtf is Eva Marie even doing back


  • Why did they release so many amazing people like Ruby for people like Eva Marie to come back I thought she would be able to wrestle this time she still can't she's still really bad at it

  • She did better that expected

  • They released Bray Wyatt......just saying.

  • YUH

  • A Eva Marie é muito linda y

  • Doudrop is disgusting

  • First let me congratulations you on your marriage I wish you all the happiness and now it wonderful to see a beautiful woman like dodrip show her ability in wrestling you should be Champion

  • Doudrop is very agile for her size good for you Doudrop amazing

  • Send her to me I 'll teach her wrestling in my room

  • Piper..Much 🙌 Respect ....but we need to move on this is getting repetitive

  • Dream match: Nia Jax vs doudrop

  • Droudop vs Nia

  • Lol what a fantastic feud i like how wwe literally don't even know how to create rivalries anymore so they form pointless tag team's and team for 2 months than split them create a "feud"

  • Bro i want tamina vs nia vs doudrop

  • And Lana got released.. atleast she actually tried to get better! Eva Marie must have given really good head to get a job there again because she's just embarrassing herself every week!

  • Can't believe they used Piper/Viper Niven(a good wrestler)as this stupid character called Doudrop!!

  • Eva still losing as usual.. that's just sad..I really thought Eva would improve her skills 🤔😥😥

  • Why is she still Duodrop?

  • Instead of pushing the career of Eva, why don't you push the career of Mandy Rose and Doudrop? Mandy has a great potential while Doudrop is a safe wrestler to work with unlike Nia Jax who keeps wrestlers injured.

  • Eva Marie's wrestle is lame! I dont like her@

  • Worst wrestler in WWE eva

  • i really hate that name..doudrop smh

  • Eva Marie has a personal trainer but she's so weak

  • What the hell was Vince thinking keeping eva and not braun or ruby..Vince must be getting old..time to let Shane take over

  • What was the point of her coming back she still sucks just like before losing every week

  • Vince, plz give Eva some ring work then move her to SD & team up with Carmella.

  • Doudrop with a win over Eva “Couldn’t wrestle if her life depended on it” Marie!

  • The Russian Blonde Bombshells Xenia,Lana & Natalia Markova w/ Alundra Bayze

  • Unpopular opinion Tbh Eva Marie was pretty solid in this match

  • 🦄

  • Too well rehearsed & she still can’t wrestle 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shes the new lana and Zelena vega

  • Doudrop looks like she cleaned a few carpets in her day.

  • Congratulations Doudrop.

  • Every one wanted this

  • I want Eva Marie job! I can look pretty in pink I can be vain I cannot wrestle WWE call me! I don't mind getting beat up weekly! I will enjoy it! As long as I look pretty 😍

  • Eva Marie should just leave WWE and go to AEW. At least there, she could get better and not be treated the way she is now in WWE. This match here shows to prove that WWE buries their talent, while AEW develops their talent.