FULL MATCH - John Morrison vs. Sheamus - Falls Count Anywhere Match: Raw, Sept. 13, 2010

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There are no boundaries in this Falls Count Anywhere Match as The Shaman of Sexy and The Celtic Warrior battle all over Cincinnati in this special Raw Roulette edition of Monday Night Raw: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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  • WWE is real

  • fellaaaaa

  • What a version of Classic Morrison was at there time,.. well time has yet doesn't gone, if vince wanna circulate the round of his great artistry of his character better than before!!!😎

  • 7:54 That theme song 🎵 is on 🔥 I wish they turn sheamus face and he used again

  • For without hesitation John Morrison is the best Performance today without detracting from a large part of the Roster deserves something great titles and a solo boost.

  • Omg taught this was raw yesterday wtf

  • john is handsome with great body. He’s high flying move is still with him at age 41. Jeff hard already can’t keep up with his old style despite all the injuries he had. John deserve to be respected like old times and a wwe champion

  • Good

  • both of them are most underrated in wwe........

  • Still waiting on that John Morrison push, almost as long as Ziggler's buried career.

  • Miniwrestling Token supported by Kurt Angle and The Great Khali.. Upcoming support by JOHN CENA.... 1000X 💎💎

  • This is cheating with sheamus

    • Well, part of how good of a heel he was and still is today by making you hate him.

  • Let us have this John Morrison back? Just push him already!!!

    • Well, I haven't seen what he's been doing lately but maybe they'll do something with him who knows.


  • John Morison should be atleast Mid card Champion

  • Wow ! This match was awesome

  • Why wwe uploading so many Sheamus' videos recently? For extreme rules ?

  • Morrison is so Good!Give him a Main event Push..


    • Well, it was a good setup and execution it gave you heat towards him which is what they did.

  • Sheamus is power house

  • John Morrison future WWE Champion

  • That's one hell of a match! What happened to these guys nowadays.. Damn wwe

    • @Akshay Kotian I mean it's still there but just doesn't have enough context to it.

    • @Jakob i mean what happened to the enthusiasm and entertainment

    • Well, both are still with the company except Chris who's in AEW.

  • Now have the opportuniitty

  • Stupid interferences ain’t no good match. 👎

    • Well, I mean it was still good the interference made it good.

  • 👎🏻👎🏻

  • sheamus = 1st power john morison = 1st highflier

  • The two legends

  • Chris Jericho Return Confirmed

    • Well, he's still with AEW I doubt that will ever happen.

  • Imagine if Sheamus’s tooth came out when John Morrison punched him in the face 😂

  • I think most of the viewers are Students. I am student as well. My best wishes are with all students in their studies and exams. Stay Blessed

  • Both Sheamus and Morrison have come a long way since 2010. They were both young lions here and ready to take the world by storm.

    • But now, they're getting some decent pushes.

  • Late 2010 & early 2011 Morrison was a BEAST. Don’t know why they’ve been burying him ever since 2011 until now

    • Guess may be due to the amount of young talent that have gotten over.

  • Otro Push que le roban a Morrison

  • aqui é matheus henrique bezerra neves adorei muito legal

  • 7:40?

  • It’s really nice seeing how everyone is giving the wrestlers their flowers in the comments section

  • These guys killed it with only 8 minutes to work with.


  • I wish they cared more about Morrison, he's such a great perfomer

  • John Morrison deserves better than getting betrayed by the same man who betrayed him before and then getting beat by a NXT call up who people are not invested in.

  • I remember this match very well

  • Raw was good after a long time

    • Well, I mean it drew decent amount of ratings during that time.

  • Wwe posts a Sheamus match like every day.

  • And to think John's wrestling is even better and more innovative/exciting now, just insane.

  • This is real morrison 😍

  • 👎👎👎👎


  • JoMo deserves much better 😥

  • Congratulations shaemus

  • I was watching this match when I visited Goa for the first time in Life! Morrison and sheamus rivalry was epic!

  • I'm surprised this match wasn't longer.

  • I miss the old day’s 💔 I miss everything about this match

  • put more Hell Roman Matches!!!!!

  • Thank you WWE for ruining AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, John Morrison and Sheamus. They truly deserves a good treatment. Truely feels for AJ Styles😓

  • Give morrison to campionship

  • *Today's WWE creative ruined whole WWE 😟😟*

    • I mean that's due to them not having writers that know nothing about the business.

  • I miss that Sheamus 🙃

  • Hmuhnawm khawp mai

  • tbh Morrison deserves the WWE Champion in 2011

  • this rivalry is very underrated , if u see during 2010-2011 this rivalry had the best series of matches in king of the ring, tlc, elimination chamber

  • Morrison is a legend

  • 🕊️🕊️🕊️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • john morrison should win the next royal rumble

  • Wwe español

  • We need Old Sheamus with his old theme song push him for WWE championship level face turn

  • Can someone tell me a very good reason why you want morrison to have a push as a main event star? 🤔

  • Sheamus needs to bring back his theme and they need to push John Morrison!

    • You’ll get bored after a week like u did with kofi Bryan and drew

  • I used too rewatch this match so much as a kid.

  • Great match

  • Fake WWE 😡 Real UFC ❣️

  • I thought Morrison would fall but his landing is perfect

  • Give Sheamus his old theme song

  • 1. John Morrison looks good. 2. His entrance is one of a kind. 3.With a hot girl partner he looks more sexy. 4. With a championship belt he will look complete.

    • 3.With Franky monet She is already in NXT

  • Sad for Morrison not getting title shot

  • Morrison always taking the worst L’s

  • Waw this Guy is very sexy his body is wonderfull😻😍❤👍

  • WrestleMania 38 Dream Predictions: BIG E vs Kofi Kingston vs Xavier Woods (WWE TITLE. Friendly face off, no heel turns.) Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins (Universal Title) Damian Priest vs Keith Lee (U.S Title) Shinsuke Nakamura vs Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor (I.C Title Hardcore match) Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Bianca Belair (SD Women's title) Alexa Bliss vs Liv Morgan (RAW Women's title) Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs Super Brutality vs Toni Storm & Zelina Vega (Women's tag titles ladder match) The Usos vs RKBro (SD & RAW titles Hell In A Cell match) Brock Lesnar vs Gable Steveson Omos vs A.J Styles Karrion Kross vs Bobby Lashley The Miz vs John Morrison Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio (Career vs Career) Andre The Giant Battle Royal - R-Truth wins it. Street Profits host WrestleMania

  • 🍓🍓🍓😣😣😣😣

  • 7:37 I've seen that guy in another wrestling company

    • Well, yeah John went to TNA a few years later.

  • John Morrison deserve the wwe belt

  • No mention of Jericho in the comments. Shows how no one actually watches the whole video.

  • 5:54 😎

  • Nowadays they are just wasting Morrison. Sooner or later, he will leave WWE for AEW.

    • @Jakob Soon. They call legends back just to humiliate them. Kurt Angle is one of the example.

    • Depends on when that happens.

  • Ta

  • Please give him a push

  • It's good to see WWE uploading these old matches from the years 2002 - 2012. Otherwise it's always attitude era this and attitude era that BS. People will finally know that the ruthless aggression era was as good as the attitude era.

  • Michael Cole saying about how John Cena Vs Randy Orton later that night was going to be the first tables match on Raw in 3 years.... 😂They have 'em all the time these days. That just goes to show how over-used tables matches have become

  • I Miss You The Undertaker 😭😭

  • Who is entrfair in ther game 😟

  • will we ever get this Morrison back, because I am sick and tired of seeing a talented superstar getting jokes on every week.

  • Today's WWE creative has ruined John Morrison and Sheamus so badly. Only the true fans know how good these two were back in the day and what they have accomplished. They don't deserve the treatment they are getting today. These two have more talent than half of the roster today. They are both WrestleMania main eventers and they deserve a big push.

    • Fans in 2010: this era sucks Fans today: bring back old shaemus and old morrison

    • Don’t blame wwe creative it’s the fans who ruined them

    • Actually this year sheamus would have got the opportunity to main event wrestlemania against lashley & drew where drew would have defeated his two biggest enemies but daniel bryan getting added to roman vs edge vince could not afford another triple threat main event.

    • @Poipourri Sheamus never used to back from a fight or tap out Now he tapped out to lashley

    • What's wrong with Sheamus?

  • I'm a huge fan of wrestling John Morrison is awesome

  • استمرو يا اساطير

  • Request Batista vs Triple h westlemania 21

  • To think Morrison made magic time after time and they book him so pathetically

  • Please do Full Match Big show vs mark henry royal rumble 2014

  • Give the better push for John Morrison please...

  • Really miss that written in my face theme song of sheamus🙂💚

  • JM need some spotlight