FULL MATCH - Rey Mysterio vs. Kane: Raw, Sept. 15, 2008

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The Big Red Machine aims to mangle The Master of the 619 in this grudge match from Raw: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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  • Kane's face at 6:50 summarize why we know that wwe is scripted.

  • Has it been a long time?

  • Reys old Outfit Was 🔥🔥🔥

  • I miss evan bourne

  • GOATS!!

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  • Cupu kau

  • 2:23 I laught so much in that

  • I miss this older ring gear for Rey, looked way fresher

  • پہہہہہہہہتہہہیچہہہشہہہہہہ

  • Golden years in WWE

  • What a match, just amazing!❤

  • Wow This bring me memories 😢

  • amazing amazing

  • فاكيوه

  • Evan Bourne should have been booked so much better

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  • Loved the feud between these 2!

  • Comments 343

  • Comments 343

  • Commments 343

  • Rey mysterio love...💣

  • Two greatest masked wrestlers of all time

  • 😶😶😶

  • Salam Dari Info

  • Back when WWE was still Watchable

    • Well, I mean back when both companies especially TNA were in their prime.

  • Yang besar licet

  • Good crazy storytelling here. Kane truly believed that the fans cheer for Rey Mysterious because we hide behind masks. I loved me some Kane.

  • Rey misterio; con esos animalones ya no te keda ASER el 619; ya cuando lo tienes según tu en la cuerda ; zolo c asen ke están dominados nada k ver eyos de reojo te ven cuando kieres atacar? Y ce asen aún lado ; analizalo ya no te keda?

  • Why they dont include entrances its the most fun thing

  • Devil of fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I appreciate Rey misterios acrobatic abilities but wrestlings acting is too cringe to enjoy

    • Well, if it gets overproduced.

  • Kane Return Confirmed

  • 🤢🤮

  • I think most of the viewers are Students. I am student as well. My best wishes are with all students in their studies and exams. Stay Blessed

  • Kane is scary 😬😬😬 And cool😐😐😐

  • Rey is such a nice person but when he’s in the ring people have to watch out for Rey

  • aqui é matheus henrique bezerra neves adorei muito

  • Oh my God

  • Nada mal

  • put more Hell Roman Matches!!!!!

  • This rivalry defined an era

  • Go Rey Mysterio go!!!

  • 😮

  • Test of strength too.

  • Rey Mysterio Vs Kane will always be an amazing memory of WWE history.

    • They did dude. 😃🎉

    • @Keanu Cora Yeah.

    • That’s a fact they had a Legendary Rivalry 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯.

  • Yeah.

  • 2008 was a awesome year this is when WWE was still good

  • Wwe español

  • Time was much better these times..

  • They mentioned evanbourne(matt sydal)

  • Have been noticing that wwe is uploading a whole lot of Bald kane matches. If they also upload matches before 2003, that would be fab!!

  • Legends

  • What happens when you try and take his mask off

  • After he won his son back now I became a fan but I still like the rock must

  • Big red mechine kane and 619 rey mysterio true legends😍🇳🇵

  • For Rey mestireo hip hip hooray

  • 6:19 the time rey won

  • 6:10, can you imagine that look with the long hair and goatee back in his masked days


  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Where is Alex??

  • Who won...

  • Missing kane so badly🥺

  • Will there be a wwe title match at extreme rules ? Randy Orton face big e at extreme rules


  • Rey Mysterio forever😘😘


  • 2001 Kane probably kill rey mysterio in 60 sec

  • 💪👍👍


  • Small vs giant

  • Miss reys old attire 🥺

  • rey is the most loved underdog of all time am i right

  • Miss seeing Evan. Last I heard he was in AEW.

  • Re join shield please

  • Both are all time favourite I want one more title rain from rey


  • Fun fact: Rey mysterio in his prime was 6’4

    • Yep, he was then he changed after that.

  • Hello guys

  • I'm a huge fan of wrestling Rey Mysterio is one of my favorite wrestlers you're awesome

    • 2 awesome Legends Kane and Rey Mysterio.

    • He was a guy that got over in a lot of different territories.

  • Nice i love Remostdyou

  • Hillo

  • I make WWE / AEW content

  • Nice mach

  • 😲😲😲😲😲Woooooow

  • Rey Mysterio is the future WWE Hall of Famer.

    • And WWE shows Matt Sydel A.K.A Even Bourne

    • He is getting closer towards reaching that.

  • Great

  • "Rey the Day" it's victory Day...... 💪🤘