Karrion Kross plans to make everyone fall and pray: Raw, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
Karrion Kross recaps the punishment he has inflicted since joining Raw and declares that he will not stop until he gets everything he wants. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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  • Hahahahaha

  • The undertaker voice

  • Why did WWE separate his wife from him and made him look normal than the usual dangerous Killer?

  • Wwe have ruined him since bringing him upto raw. He was great in nxt and now all these changes it is destined to fail. Is this just a knock off of aleister black?

  • He speaks like the Watcher from Marvel's What IF

  • KK would be leading RETRIBUTION 2.0 with Keith Lee and Priest as his side kicks 😂

  • Already buried

  • So bad…

  • Grey Poupon 🧴

  • Royal rumble winner big E vs cross at wrestlemania

  • "Lost in the shuffle" is all I heard besides the cornball music.

  • Oh my God.... This was so bad. No no no. Please no 💀🤣🤣

  • hahahahahahahahaha

  • Big fan of Killer cross

  • Horrible promo. Looks totally scripted from WWE’s wonderful creative team.

  • Vince really dropped the ball with Killer Kross.

  • Sean was incredible. Hopefully, WWE doesn’t kill this. Change Kross ring gear. The 80s are long gone. Put Scarlet back with him…

  • Visually reminds me of Nikita Koloff, but....

  • I saw karrion kross, shotzi, rhea, scarlett and a few others at Halloween horror nights.. it was almost as awesome as the haunted houses.. he was actually really nice! Shout out to the nightmare 😎

  • this men need better thinks to be awsome in raw

  • Kross sounds like he wants to look for brock lesnar

  • That opening line was a tribute to Sean O'Haire.

  • I'm only here cause Corny ripped it apart.....rightfully so

    • I searched it to see what's wrong with it xD

  • God WWE is embarrassing

  • Omg this was so bad🤦‍♂️ they’ve ruined karrion kross already these promos are cringe.

  • Needs Scarlet

  • Let this man speak his own words and let the writers get back to high school.

  • You could see he was reading pff of cute ☺️ rds

  • Don’t we remember a former nxt champion doing this exact same thing Fall and pray sounds like fade to black

  • I'm not telling you anything you don't already know (Sean O'Haire)

  • Awful. Absolutely awful.

  • he should have ended it with "and I also want.........one milllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooooon dolllaaaaarsssss......"

  • More of this please

  • Nobody cares fire him LMFAOO

  • Nice re hashed gimmick wwe

  • Holy shitballs this is hilarious. I'm old enough to remember when wrestlers used to be scary because they seemed tough, not because they could memorize and recite monologues written for them by hacks who can't get a job at A24.

  • I don’t know. His ring gear is an insult to the human eyes. Makes him come off dumb.Just HORRIBLE. Then there is the lack of charisma. Nothing that captures my attention or makes me wanna care. His in ring ability certainly has potential. I hope his gimmick and overall appeal and promos will improve and change dramatically cause he deserves better.

  • This is ridiculous. Change him back to NXT style entrance. Get rid of the demolition rip off outfit and bring back Scarlet. Thanks

  • The next GOLDBERG

  • ................ why did they give him a dead wrestlers catchphrase?

  • I like the "I will destroy everyone here" part, but why does he have to talk like this? It takes me right out it, what's with these awful gimmicks? The guy already had a gimmick, his own and it was dang convincing

  • This promo was so awful

  • This is trash

  • Love karron needs to dip and be all in

  • alaster black did this better through the dark father character

  • Why did they let him talk?

  • VKM has killed the Kross character.

  • I love this guy's music reviews on ILaward.

  • Like most of WWE this sucked


  • "I am not here to get lost in the shuffle." Whoops, too late!

  • God this is so bad.

  • Who the hell talks like this??? What in the hell have you done to this man? He looks so uncomfortable

  • Vince, please stop killing your talent

  • Ummm.

  • So he's supposed to be Nicholas Cage's charater from Face/Off?

  • Please writers in wwe quit we all hate you and wish horrible things upon you! No one likes you! Sean ohaire recycled gimmick anyone?

  • Man he sucks

  • Poor Kross 😔.

  • Jim cornette brought me here. I can see the sadness and regret in his eyes

  • 🥱🥱🥱🥱 boring

  • This promo was better when Sean OHaire did it.

  • This is the worst promo I have heard on TV in a long time. It sounds like he is reading.

  • Stone cold or rock cutting a promo then u get this shizzel drizzle

  • From this promo I say he's got 9 months before he starts begging for his release

  • Not a bad promo. I'm willing to forget his, well... forgettable debut.

  • LOL They could have atleast had the teleprompter right behind the camera. We wouldn't have been able to see he is clearly reading verses off a prompter 😜

  • By memes and online ridicule fans have actually helped this guy, all he had to do is show the WWE creative how the memes and joked about his ring attire are affecting his progress etc. They changed it.

  • 666

  • Looks like The Devils Advocate character convinced Karrion Kross to say his catch phrase RIP Sean O' Haire

  • Kingpin vibes

  • So this is The Devil's Advocate gimmick mixed with Mordecai. Got it.

  • Kross WWE Champ 2022

  • Give him a few months and he'l be jobbing and end up on AEW lol

  • He thinks he's a Greek gladiator lol

  • Hopefully with him looking like this, I hope this means he’s done with that atrocious attire lol, I love this promo!

  • Loved the Sean O'Hare reference Kross has said he was one of his inspirations.

    • Yeah and that wink after that was like IKYK

  • I want to se more action 🤛

  • Brock Lesner to your butt, you said that you will everything, you didn't win a man to your seize, BELIEVE me Omos Will fight you and win you

  • Props to all the wrestling fans that caught the reference / Sean O'haire should of bin WAY bigger than what he achieved, full package....also he was the 1st to do the f5 (look up the alliance 1st debut)

  • ::cough alister black cough::

  • Karrion Kross vs Big E WWE Championship 🔥🔥

  • And with the melody in the background, Mozart's requiem

  • He look like Aleister Black on Raw or SmackDown. I'm afraid he will finish like him...

  • Please keep this WWE not that lord humourous bs Also I wonder if this is a attempt at doing what black was going to do...

  • He deserves the role of the undertaker ✌️🔥🔥🔥

  • Big E vs Karrion Cross for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

  • Kross vs omas that be a hell of a match

  • BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Flannigan (Formerly known as Jacob Cass from NXT season WWE 12) has agreed to a 4 year contract with AEW and will debut tomorrow on Dynamite

  • Which dream match must happen in 2022: Brock Lesnar vs Bobby lashley or Brock Lesnar vs karrion kross

  • Not this again

  • he'll end up like Keith Lee in a few weeks

  • Nah, he'll be given the Keith Lee treatment within 1 year.

  • Karrion Kross puts me to sleep, no Kross Jacket needed.

  • Nah now you dont have credibility like the sicario jeff hardy talkto vince mcmahon and kill nxt

  • He could've brought this up back then when he debuted on RAW ...

  • I want to know where Scarlet is we don’t see her anymore

  • Karrion Kross future Universal Champion.

  • Karrion Kross is the best

  • Karrion kross saying he's undefeated, and challenging brock for a real fight and few days later dead

    • In memory of former NXT champion Karrion Kross 😵