NXT 2.0 arrives tonight

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
A new era of NXT officially arrives tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Sus

  • Wwe

  • I just hope that the new show isn't as bad as the new look.

  • I love the NXT of early 2010 to 2012

  • Trippy 😅

  • *NOOOOOOOOOOOO😲😲 only not so.😞. But Why? Future in process. It's Future WWE.*

  • 😂

  • Before: black and gold Now: 🧡💛💙💜 Me: 🖕

  • what in the blue hell

  • some thing super bad as usual

  • Nxt was the best show in the world, and now is gone, i can't believe it

  • The bright colors, all the colors, are a bit much. If they could tone it back a tad it would be good.

  • I miss the black & Gold brand already...

  • Vince’s takeover of NXT gave Triple H a heart attack

  • Adam Cole be like : thank god i am leaving earlier

  • Nickelodeon + NxT

  • All these colors are giving me a "cardiac event".

  • It's 3.0, let's not forget that horrendous reality show version of nxt

  • from JPS Lotus to Art Attack

  • The death of black and gold This new look its more like wwe product

  • Sweet jesus…..what have you done….

  • New colors look nice...but really the black and gold gave it that serious tone that made the brand something you had to watch.

  • Iam Somali and i like WWE superstars iam Still watching 😃

  • 2.0? Nothing special the show still going to be normal 1080p WWE have 8K cameras but they didn't upload Native 8K high bit rate ILaward videos, the show will look incredible in 8K and yes there will be ILaward lower quality options 👍🏻❤

  • what is this bullsheeeeeeeeet????

  • wwe 2.0 the best...bye bye bye indies style and smark i hope

  • Is it me or does this have a Mike Jones still tippin sound

  • absolutely disgusting WWE so pathetic of you.

  • Old does not mean dead, new does not mean best. - Slipknot All Out Life (old nxt theme) Damn those days. The black and gold felt more of a threat especially that survivor series where nxt is a part of.

  • I Think Kevin Owens Is Going To Join NXT

  • Ahhh nxt was perfect until this

  • خاک تو سرتون احمقا ریدین به ان ایکس تی

  • I hope SwishaHouse got their money for that sample of Still Tippin by Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and WHO? MIKE JONES WHO? MIKE JONES WHO? MIKE JONES!!!

  • I Don't Watch NXT Much but i think the black and gold was better and cooler

  • I'm not sure about the local

  • but we like the black & gold 🥺

  • I miss the black and gold brand although the stage for this looked pretty good so did the ring area today.

  • I love this new soundtrack song what's it called

  • Why fix what wasn't broken

    • It wasn't gaining any new viewers & it was losing to AEW. It needed a change.

    • Go check the ratings

  • ruined

  • "Old does not mean dead, new does not mean best."

  • why is Vince deadset on ruining NXT? Is he that bothered that HHH is running the better show?

  • Too much colorful. . This color is suck

  • This is so lame!!! Nobody even listens to Wale anymore.

  • Still tipping remix?

  • Hey Vince, it's not too late to change your mind. Just pretend this week never happened.

  • I like the new brighter colorful theme, but I HATE HATE HATE that trash of a theme song and new intro. Horrible. Everything else was okay.

  • Song??

  • This "Down South" By Wale Isn't Working For Me. They Should Have Kept Evanescence Or Wage War As The Official Artist For The NXT 2.0. It Would Have Been Legit.

  • 🤮🤮🤮 Vince is gonna be the reason AEW takes over

  • Bruh what is going on??? Where's Triple H?? What is this rainbow garbage and music?? And where is the heavy metal??

  • NXT Kids?

  • CM Punk is right, Maybe the Company will be Better when Vince is gone. I just want Vince to Retire & let Triple H be in charge to save this Company.

  • It is a damn🤬 shame what they have done to the beautiful NXT making it look like it's SummerSlam black and gold was such a great color for this brand and now it looks like NXT Sesame Street😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • And WWE wonders why people are deciding not to watch. Shame.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 NXT is dead. This new NXT is a dumpster fire at very best. Dont waste your time watching it. Total trash. It's so god awful, it shouldnt be aired. Pull the plug now! Commercials are far more entertaining.

  • I'm not hyped...I'm heartbroken!

  • Look how they've massacred my boy

  • Wtf????? This is new nxt??? What the hell???? This is very cringe

  • WWE reminds me of a gaming company called Blizzard.. The more you piss in the mouth of your fans, it doesn't matter how cool you were in the past.. eventually they just walk away and move on.

  • Still Tippin' lol

  • Oh God no 😔

  • NXT Vince Edition, with more former football muscular guys who has no ring skills.

  • I’m extremely happy that the Indie Darling/Jobber is over, but the new logo ain’t it😂

    • Are you fr or your just trolling my guy, the logo and opening theme is f'ing terrible but indie darlings be careful on how you say that

  • Still Tippin by Mike Jones

  • Wouldn’t this really be considered NXT 3.0 then?….

  • damn awful

  • that looked like nickolodeon but wwe

  • NXT is gonna fail since Vince has obviously lost his grapefruits or they turned into prunes.

  • Yeah AEW won

  • It's NXT 2.0 because 2012 - 2020 NXT is not canon to vince

  • Vince WTF you turned NXT into a splatoon map

  • Nah

  • 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • R.I.P. The NXT we all knew and loved 😰😞😭😭😭😭

  • You Cannot Improve On Perfection

  • now we have raw, smackdown live and disney world

    • Wait I thought they stopped calling it SmackDown Live when they moved to FOX

  • I miss black and gold Slipknot poppy songs

  • What if Asuka is returning? Explains why the brand is all colorful now

  • I liked when slipknot was behind the theme for NXT. When NXT was at its best. Idk what this is lol

  • Rip nxt


  • imma miss the iconic black and gold nxt

  • Keep in mind guys that Becky Lynch is in this video...

  • Is that a speed up Still Tippin' beat Wale is rapping over used for the theme song ?

  • RIP black and gold NXT... you'll be missed 2012 - 2021 thanks triple h for the best weekly show


  • No wonder why triple H had a heart attack. Vince turned NXT into fruity pebbles. John Cena must be proud.

  • Tonight We Will crown a NEW. N.X.T Champion in the Main Event Fatal 4 Way match.

  • Hope dosent change the title designs

  • No more emphasis on vanilla midgets. LA Knight will be your new NXT Champ, and those other 3 competitors will go down to the Cruiserweight division....if not just unify the NXT title with the Cruiserweight title

  • Gigi DoliNXT. I don't give a damn about some new redesign or reboot. Just keep the cool, old school vibe NXT Championship titles, and give me Gigi week in and week out, PPV after PPV. Thank you.

  • Stupid but let's hope it's not bad 🤦‍♂️

  • I hope there’s going to be some NXT stars in this year’s draft like Tomasso Ciampa, Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano.

  • I have a feeling PA Knight is going to win the title. Hopefully he goes to RAW by the end of the year.

  • I have watched this so many times. Soo excited for tonight!

  • Its ecw all over again

  • *AEW > WWE*

  • Esperemos nxt si vende esta vez xd

  • I hate you wwe