Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya: Raw, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
“The Nightmare” Rhea Ripley goes toe-to-toe with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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  • naty is good but didnt match at anyone in the wwe

  • Nikki really came through with that ring side support. 😁👍🏿

  • Natalya

  • 1:04 👏👏

  • Did Bret do another interview where he trashed Triple H. There are periods where Nattie has to job to everyone, it usually coincides with this If her contract is up, AEW should sign her, she would easily be a better and more credible title holder than the hygienist

  • Rhea is like the older sister for niki 😂 just look at the ending! ❤️

  • Big up the samoan heart family Dynasty

  • Nikki and rhea are so adorable I ship them 😌❤ specially Nikki jumping to hug rhea my heart- 🥺

  • Let the TAMINA/NATALYA 2.0 be UNLEASHED as a HEEL. And we'll witness the NIGHTMARE have it's own NIGHTMARE and make the "✌️ALMOST A SUPERHERO✌️" into a "TOTAL VICTIM". I would love that!!!

  • YUH

  • Nikki and Ripply love affair?

  • Have Natalya and Tamina won a match since winning those watered down belts?? Answer NO!!!! What a farce!!!

  • Stupid creative team.. how can they portray current women's champions so weak.. Natalya losing every single match to everyone.. like seriously?

  • Nattie should be back in the title picture and as a heel! Nattie is more believable as a champion when she is a heel. It works for her!

  • Ayo natalya and tamina.... 😍😍😍😘

  • I wish they can make Rhea be the badass she looks and feels like. All these smiling and Nikky jumping on her, ewww

  • Natalya vs Rhea on PPV would be far better than Alexa v Charlotte at Extreme Rules (Look at their bang average Survivor Series match for reference)

  • I love these two (rhea and Nikki)! They warm my heart so much!

  • Great match.

  • The Russian Blonde Bombshells Xenia,Lana & Natalia Markova w/ Alundra Blayze

  • Natalya and Tamina’s acting skills are so cringe, it doesn’t seem natural especially with Natalya. They’re good wrestlers but my god, their acting needs help.

  • Tahmek. Andyuriel. Kristalsilva. Charlotteflair. Toluca. Bayernmunich. 3-0Barcelona. ChampionsLeague

  • Rhea tidak sportif

  • That’s 0 for 2 for the tag champs, and the challengers have never looked better!

  • Rhea ripley es la lu hadora más joven y con más futuro en la wwe es la mejor la admiro.

  • Both HORRIBLE.

  • Que ódio dessa heroina de merda atrapalhando a natalya e o juiz não viu

  • Great match Rhea Ripley win by submission victory

  • Why do they keep hugging like that thou

  • I like seeing Rhea smiling she can still be this dark badass. that fact that she can hold Nikki basically doing a squat on a hurt knee it ridiculous strength. We need more post match interview with them so we can watch nikki try to make rhea laugh

  • its how niki always jump on rhea lol

  • Natalya is still in WWE but Ronda is not there to help her best friend

  • 😁😁😁

  • Overrated charlotte and becky underrated ripley bianca and bazler..... Not cool 🙄

  • When did Natalya turn heel?

  • Nice

  • Ria famously made Natalia surrender! The same painful hold should have been done to Charlotte!

  • I feel disappointed in natie.

  • maybe Rhea can bring out the old Nikki Cross

  • I don't like Natalya....Natalya should take retirement

  • I hear people saying that Nikki and Rhea's team name should be Super Brutality or something like that, but I think a better name would be Heroic Brutality.

  • Rhea Ripley very pretty😍😊

  • Iran😉

  • Tahmek. Andyuriel. Kristalsilva. Charlotteflair. joyzmenendez. La. Bratz. Djrossanasalgado. Tabatajalil. Erikafernandez. Bayernmunich. 3-0. Barcelona. Toluca. 2002. 2009. 2013. 2017. 2020. 2021. Vanessahupekoten. ChampionsLeague.

  • lll

  • ok

  • Natalya Deserves Better

  • Natalya now 25 years old

  • молодцы девочки


  • Woww natalya taps out beautiful moment of the match I really loved it❤️❤️❤️

  • Megusta esa paleja

  • Waiting for Nikki to get rid of that ASH gimmick and win the tag team titles with Rhea or possibly turn heel and fight her.

  • What a match this was!!! Thanks to Nikki A.S.H

  • I wish Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley would jump into my arms! I'd never let them go!🥰

  • Natalya boo keep growing big🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Keep it going WWE

  • Social distancing where?

  • Nikki A.S.H. & Rhea Ripley vs Tamina & Natalya for the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships at Extreme Rules.

  • Have Natalya tap even tho she's supposed to be a submission specialist .

  • Triple threat tag match at extreme rules for women tag titles or have nikki and rhea vs tegan nox and shotzi number 1 contender for tag tema gold butbothtas desevr to fight fot gold

  • Nutella sucks!!!

  • nikki and rhea make a good tag team they gotta become tag team champions

  • Everytime Natalya does that spinning clothesline I’m like that doesn’t even close to making sense and Ik it’s fake but come on it’s take like a full 2 seconds to do that move

    • It also doesn't look powerful and it should.

  • Rhean and nikki best team world.

  • I'd go with Natalya, she's a 3x times champion like mulitple from Divas, Smackdown now to current Women's Tag-Team Champion with Tamina, she can do-it-all!!💕💕

  • Nikki and Rhea is like Orton and riddle

  • Finally, a submission move from Rhea....

  • Am I the only one that thinks Rhea deserves better??

    • maybe but she has hasnt even been on raw for a year and just cause they give someone else a chance to win doesnt mean they are trashing her besides this adorable

  • I love the tandem of rhea ripley and nikki ash❣️

  • Rhea tries so hard not to smile when she is with nikki. Nikki is such a sweetie

  • Ripley poderosa Agil gloadeadora

  • RehaRipley

  • I absolutely love Rhea and Nikki as a team! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Good

  • Awesome match

  • Nattie can counter every submission move in WWE. I cannot wait until AEW closed WWE's doors for good. You guys have no idea how to make new contenders look strong and build up the newer generation. I do not understand how any wrestler would give more then 5 years to this company. Poor storytelling, poor fueds, and no prestige for titles or title holders.

  • Rhea and Nikki make such an adorably cute couple lol when Nikki jumps into Rhea's arms LOL.

  • So they let Natalya & Tamina hold the titles to be a jobber champions? Shotzi & Nox kept winning against them as well. Whether a singles or tag match.

  • First

  • Thank you for watch watching tonight Happy Tuesday

  • Rhea Ripley e Nikki Cross wins e won e winner the match

  • Great match and great win for Rhea Ripley

  • Thanks to Rhea and Natalya for putting a great technical match in the womens division.

  • I love seeing Nattie get owned.

    • you a weirdo put some respect on her name

  • I wish my girlfriend wasn't that heavy. We could be doing the Rhea submission every single day. IYKYK

  • Nicky and Rhea are acting like daughter and mom Lol

  • I dont get the hype around Ripley.

    • she is one of the best. if you have any doubts go and see her nxt uk and nxt matches. on main roster she isn't being used on her potential

  • Was so bad like half speed

  • They could be a good lesbian couple

  • Their goes another hug from Nikki A.S.H to Rhea ripley

  • When was the last time Natalya won a match?


  • The mask is falling off? Wardrobe malfunction? But the match was awesome! It's a wonder how wrestlers can wrestler if you let them wrestle, eh, Vince?

  • Ok but...Shotzi and Nox?

  • Okay. Rhea and nikki character her is good, I think Rhea and nikki friendship is good at all.

  • Nicki Cross needs to drop this disgusting almost a super hero alter ego.

  • Rhea and N I K I A S H I LOVE THEM

  • 🤎🇲🇦😐😥😥🇱🇾🩱🇹🇳😚😚

  • Rhea Ripley 🔥