The WWE Draft returns Oct. 1 on SmackDown

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
It’s time to shake things up again as the WWE Draft returns Friday, Oct. 1 on SmackDown and continues Monday, Oct. 4 on Raw. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Roman Reigns thank you

  • Please keep Reigns on SmackDown

  • I don't know why the draft isn't a theme for survival series?

  • Imagine if Roman was drafted to raw and Paul stay on smackdown



  • Roman Is Even on thumbnail

  • I hate romen

  • My Predictions for WWE Draft 2021: Roman Reigns drafted to RAW Big E drafted to SmackDown Brock Lesnar drafted to RAW Rhea Ripley to SmackDown Finn Balor drafted to RAW Bobby Lashley drafted to SmackDown Damian Priest drafted to RAW Seth Rollins drafted to SmackDown Sheamus drafted to RAW Bianca Belair drafted to SmackDown Charlotte Flair drafted to RAW Drew McIntyre drafted to SmackDown Sami Zayn drafted to RAW The New Day drafted to SmackDown Rey & Dominic Mysterio drafted to RAW That's all.

  • Plz draft drew in smack and Rollins in raw

  • Yay I can't wait to see Raw Wrestler drafted to RAW

  • It is a best Short video.



  • Finn balor will win the universal title and will be drafted to raw , while big e (along with new day)wwe champion will be drafted to smackdown Raw Finn balor ( universal title) Aj Bobby ( hurt business reunion) Randy Drew Smack down Roman Brock Big e ( wwe title) and new day Seth Sheamus Crown jewel will feature a triple threat match between roman big e and brock and roman will win Bobby vs demon for the universal title Bobby (universal title) vs Roman ( wwe title) survivor series Brock will win the royal rumble again and challenge bobby for the universal title at wrestlmania

  • 2 weeks later : “ wwe presents the wildcard rule “ A month later : * everyone shows up wherever they want based on Vince decisions *

  • Omg

  • Sometimes I wonder why they don't utilise the network more for things like this

  • I think we all know Big E is heading to Raw since he won the WWE Championship

  • Please do better booking of Dolf Ziggler, Jeff Hardy. Break the Robert Rood and Dolph pair. Robert Rood's booking was nice in Impact Wrestling. They both deserves to show their talent in singles matches.

  • Please change that chubby wired RAW and SmackDown logos into new better design like before 2016 draft.

  • Bring new day together like big e wwe champ kofi and xavier tag title

  • For me the draft is good if they just put them on a randomizer style back in 2007 to 2011. It was way better and unpredictable than just some picks every parts of the show.

  • Scenes if Roman gets drafted to Raw as that's what he was about to do a couple of months ago after he felt he conquered everyone in Smackdown. He's still got Seth Rollins to face. I'd have wanted him to face Rollins before moving to Raw and "conquering" Raw

  • Can they like actually bring back the the 2007-2011 draft?

  • Sasha in RAW!!

  • Bring the rock and batista back

  • Hopefully they bring the Phenomenal one back too smackdown 💙

  • Acknowledge the tribal chief

  • Remember when the Draft was entertaining instead of just Stephanie McMahon annoncing names?

  • Jeff Hardy on Smackdown !! 🙏❤

  • Just imagine, Vince ' so ladies and gentleman for this years draft I am bringing back the gm of nonday night raw and smackdown'. Suddenly Teddy's music turned on 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • WWE you can acknowledge Finn

  • Don't count any chicken WWE please 🥺 support Finn

  • Please draft Brock Lesnar to raw

  • I will love for ricochet rk bro bobby to go to smack down and big e Finn Balor john cena to raw

  • bring back new day

  • Wwe should do i. 1 round. Surprise bring back some superstar.

  • Smackdown should get jeff hardy. Drew mictoria r truth. Cory graves. The Vikings raiders. Alexa bliss dana brook Aliyah dekie kai eva Marie

  • Raw should get Chad garblie. Otis domink. Happy corbin. Shinken knockmer. Rick boogs. Pat mcafee. The street profits. Bianca belair. Pagie. Tiger knock. Shorts block hart toni strom. Drak mavick. Austin thorey. Samona joe. Scarelett. Ember moon and also Brock lesnar to raw

  • AJ Styles to smackdown plz without omos... I feel like it's going to be Roman Reigns vs Big E and ending with Roman as a duble champion I hope I'm wrong

  • Drew McIntyre should get drafted to Smackdown.

  • Wwe was awesome when Stephanie McMahon and triple h where running the show as authority

  • What would make sense, is if both Smackdown and raw pick Equally (3-3) by round not raw having the favour by drafting 3 and smackdown drafting 2 per round, this could actually ruin things, seeing as smackdown is now At it peak and still growing

  • All I know is I want Cesaro sheamus drew jinder garza Ricochet Seth Kevin Sami and gulak and lashley on the same roster

  • I want act for wwe I love you wwe

  • Why are they announcing this now? They been drafting people to AEW for months now

  • I'll draft stacy keibler

  • Push SD as alpha show, since raw is already losing to AEW

  • Jeff Hardy should definitely go to Smackdown! Maybe McIntyre too.

  • Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville should be on separate brands.

  • Like Vince McMahon said, *"IT'S TIME TO SHAKE THINGS UP AGAIN!"*

  • Want Roman in Raw

  • I think rey and Dominik should be in Raw as they have nobody else to face now and since Raw has New Day and RkBro is would be great to see such rivalries.And also pleaaaassse draft Jeff back to SD,he is not being used well on Raw

  • Roman reigns vs brock lenser 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Change Everything after Draft Regards 🙏

  • Draft hardy to smackdown

  • I hope so

  • Roman Reigns would be in Raw and Big E in SmackDown 😅

  • I think if wwe draft titles they will make universal stay on sm and world titles will stay on raw and the current universal champion is world champion and the current world champion will the universal champion,who agree with me?

  • First pick head of the table to raw

  • Im hear that Drew is coming home? I hope it's real !! Drew to SD !

  • So here's the thing, roman should be drafted to raw, so that we get back the "original" red coloured universal championship back in the hands of roman which he never lost in the first place.

  • I swear if wwe make the new day split up again, im never watching wwe again


  • RAW is dying..!! Good Time for the draft..!! They have no one to led them in Survivor Series..!!!

  • Please please please Draft Jeff Hardy to Smackdown again

  • Where's edge in the video

  • Roman Reigns on raw🔥🔥🔥

  • Do it on random...obviously scripted but just give us a different vibe

  • Roman Reigns hacker😹😹😹

  • Draft is the best thing ever

  • Do things like no holds barred matches or no disqualification matches between superstars such as brock lesnar and bobby lashley. I HATE AEW, WE NEED THE OLD WWE BACK!!!!

  • And Smackdown - Roman Brock Edge seth Cesaro Jeff Finn Balor And some superstar shoud drafted from nxt this would be a fire🔥🔥

  • I want this type of roster Raw:-Lashley Big E Orton Riddle Mcintyre sheamus keith lee braun strowman and fiend this could be equally to smackdown

    • You actually think WWE is going to rehire Braun strowman and Bray Wyatt

  • I want gm role back smackdown and raw has their gm raw gm eric bischoff and smack teddy long and brock and roman on same brand

  • If Rk bro goes to smackdown then raw rating will even get worse😂

  • First pick "romen reigns" or beast "brock lesnar" 😂😂

  • WWE needs to bring back General Managers. If they do bring them back,I hope Raw Gets Stephanie McMahon and SmackDown gets Shane McMahon. Then Stephanie,Shane and Triple H get into a feud in Survivor Series. That would be awesome 🤩

  • We want wyattt!!!!!!

  • I love WWE my whole lyfe.. I have a content on my account about WWE also... I promise to follow bak. THANK YOU

  • Whoever they drafted to Raw, it still wont improve anythin if the writers were as good as smackdown's

  • The WWE draft shouldn't return on Oct 1(it shouldn't return at all actually), make it all one again

  • Please WWE end this draft i want all can go on raw and smack down

  • I am excited 🔥🔥

  • Bobby lashey set to smackdown and fued with lesnar i call it

  • Bring back "Monday Night Rollins" and "The House that AJ Styles Built"

  • so cant wait its gonna be so exciting to see who's jumping brands, staying on the brand their on, which title is moving brands and which titles are staying on the brand their on i mean so many things can happen

  • if they draft roman or edge from smackdown to raw i'm going to be genuinely pissed off. sometimes i don't like the draft lottery because you lose people but the good thing about it is you also get people which is the way you have to look at it.

  • Hope sasha gets drafted on RAW

  • I m tired of seeing Roman as a heel🙄🙄🙄

  • This could lead to raw being interesting or smackdown sucking

  • i fell all the good people are going to raw 2 reason 1 mostly every year smackdown get someone from raw and raw gets someone from smackdown 2 raw has only 4 good superstars and raw is going to draft brock shasha bianca roman seth edge mostly not roman

  • Where RAW takes Rollin & Reigns for their brand..

  • Hopefully sasha won't get drafted to RAW

  • Roman has to stay on smack down!! I don’t care what anyone says, he saved smack down now he stays there!!

  • Hope you draft the creative team too

  • I hope they move the world titles and do for the WWE title what they’ve done for the universal title

  • Yet another pointless draft! Never had drafts in the attitude era, when WWE was far better! You have competition with AEW now, you don’t need this Raw vs Smackdown made up contest anymore!