What made Big E announce intent to cash in MITB?: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 13, 2021

פורסם בתאריך 13 ספט 2021
Big E appears calm and collected after announcing his intention to cash in the Money in the Bank contract tonight on Raw. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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  • As the WWE DRAFT is coming the both championship belt is at SmackDown as in 2020

  • Roman Reigns is my favorite

  • Yeah. Big E will draw huge money 😂

  • I'm glad it didn't trun into another non-cash in storyline like last year with Otis & The Miz, I'm glad they didn't let Baron take it from E, cos E deserved it

  • RATINGS! And it didn't work.

  • Legends in target....😉😋

  • Sarah is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Script

  • New wwe championship Big E

  • Sarah seems like a sweetheart!


  • Aew.,.. Wwe sucks with some useless fellows

  • Big E.

  • Xavier is next


  • Respect and manners to big e and the new day

  • Where your head at ? It’s on my neck lmaooo

  • Thinking back at how sad we all were when New Day split up. This is amazing.

  • He is a strong athlete

  • What’s this girl?

  • Verraco el único que anuncia el canje de maletín.. ganador

  • Good

  • "Where's your head at?" "Ah, it's on my neck" 😂🤣

  • Naturally, Paul Hayman and his family are difficult to intimidate.

  • Now its Woods turn to get a WWE title

  • Just here for the interviewer

  • People who are watching this comment, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years, God bless you and your family 😇

  • Big e will win the wwe Championship

  • It happened so soon. Kinda Without any back story

  • Big E said it and meant it definitely earned it NOW HES THE NEW WWE CHAMPION

  • Ans. Last week AEW beating raw in key demo. But not gonna be a aew mark about it. Kind of happy that competition brings the best out of companies. And big E deserved it. All it needed was a little pressure on wwe which they got last week

  • Big E is your new WWE Champion. Congratulations! You deserve it.

  • Big E 🔥

  • The answer is AEW

  • They could have done Feuds - make it dramatic

  • Big e is incredible.

  • It was Vince. They're desperate for ratings and to outdo AEW 😂

  • So that mean BIG E sign to RAW now , wow, THE NEW DAY back ✨💙🤟

  • Remember when things were a surprise?

  • So happy for Big E!!! He’s so talented, charismatic, well deserved WWE Championship win 🙌🎉😃

  • beautiful 😍 announcer

  • wwe is phenomenoal

  • Do YOU love me

  • AEWs better demo last week

  • Big E will give him chance to win.

  • What made Big E declare his intent......? bad ratings, and Vinces panic towards AEW!!!! But after about a week the product will slump back to the same poor quality we all now expect of WWE

  • I don't see what everyone else does in Big E I think Xavier is a way better wrestler and talker on the mic

  • Sarah has so fine body

  • I love this guy. 🤣

  • Its clear Big E will be WWE champ on the season premiere of Smackdown Oct. 1st!!!

  • Who's here after he won the wwe championship 🔥🔥💯

  • Congratulations Big E for becoming new WWE champion 🎊🎉

  • Omg yes. Big E won , about time Lashley lost the belt too

  • Lmao Big E quoting biggie nice

  • Big E wins the WWE champion

  • AEW and Monday Night Football

  • Sarah looking thick

  • AND HE DID IT !!!



  • Big E is new WWE Champion 🔥🔥🔥

  • I just have to say Kofe did tell him it was his time !..!!!.. N he succeeded after Bobby beat Randy and I have seen Money in the Bank cash in's happen in a way of a disadvantage for the Champion . Kudos to Big E he cashed in on a actual more equal level than any other cash in I've ever seen 👍💯💯💯

    • I'd like to know who's got bigger muscles now Vince McMahon or Hulk Hogan ???!!! Lol 😂 does anyone know is Vince McMahon still married after his wife worked for Trump ? She might have bigger muscles between the legs

    • I believe Vince needs to relinquish his company will he give it to Stephanie or Shane or neither I would hope neither because I see Paul Heyman running the company he did run ECW . I do believe he's either going to be Brock's manager or no one's manager because Brock's going to beat Roman at the Survivor series . And I do think he's working with Brock . I think Vince would die before he relinquishes power cuz he's an EGO Maniac

    • But Smackdown also only had like 6 minutes to work with including a commercial because God forbid fox goes over the time even USA don't go over the time like it used to and I used to enjoy that

  • Congratulations Big E

  • Ratings. Simple as that.

  • He won, folks!

  • He won ❤️

  • Now the new WWE champion 👊

  • Congrats bruh, well deserved!!💯💯💯🥇🏆💪🏾

  • Congratulations Big E

  • Now Big E is won a WWE Championship🥳

  • Big E has big muscles 💪🏻

  • Congratulations to Big E, the new WWE Champion!


  • Hell yeah Big E is WWE champion!!!!!!!

  • You do know everybody will turn on big e like they did on Seth Rollins when he was a baby face the same things going to happen I know it and you know it everybody knows it

    • I don’t think so remember when they made that push for drew McIntyre and he became a wwe champion ? The fans didn’t turn on him so it’s not likely to happen

  • It worked for Rob Van Dam.

  • I'm happy Big E won the title but I really wanted Lashley to continue his reign as champion smh

    • Yeah atleast he should have been the champ until survivor Series. I really wanted to see roman Vs lashley

  • Here after big e wins it

  • I was happy of see Big E with his best friends The New Day!It's awesome!😊💟🇨🇦

  • Big e​ won wwe​ championship.

  • Who is here after Big E cash in on lashley?

  • Our guy did it. Big E Champion

  • Who's Here After He Won The WWE Title From Bobby Lashley?

  • Congrats To Big E to become new wwe Champion😎😎

  • This aged like fine wine. AND NEW WWE CHAMPION, BIG E!!!

  • Who is here after big e won gold

  • Who here after he won? 💪🏾

  • Big e WWE champions

  • And our new wwe champion big e!!!

  • AND YOUR NEW!!!!!!!!

  • Big e won

  • He won finally 🔥🔥


  • Here after big e won wwe title!

  • And NEW WWE Champion….BIG E!!!!

  • Big e won it

  • Now Big E is a wwe world champion

  • BIG E is just cashed it on booby lashley let's see all the very best BIG E . get it

  • Cmon WWE let this happen! 🔥

  • Big e is definitely winning